Email Marketing

& SMS Services

Email Marketing

& SMS Services

Make more money per customer while increasing each order’s total value. With our SMS and email marketing services, you’ll be sure to nurture new and repeat customers through promotional emails, monthly newsletters, SMS coupons, and so much more.

Our Analytics Are A Reflection Of Our Success

Our Analytics Are A Reflection Of Our Success

We Assisted The Client In Surpassing Their Goal Of

$311K In Less

Than One Year

Through Email & SMS Marketing

From 42%

to 63%

Our Client Achieved Growth Of Revenue From

$850k To

$6+ Million

Automated Flows

Be effective with your SMS & emails

Recover inactive contacts, welcome new subscribers, and send automated thank you messages. Other emails include order confirmations, abandoned cart emails for retargeting, and more that will offer your customers a unique shopping experience.

Subscriber Growth

Expand your audience & boost sales

SMS & email marketing is critical for any eCommerce business to expand its customer list and sell more per customer. We implement referral programs to get existing customers to bring new customers. We also run pop-up offers to get new prospect information. These mediums will help strengthen customer relationships while growing the subscriber list.
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“We use our successful, proven strategies to accentuate & build the client’s vision.”

“We use our successful, proven strategies to accentuate & build the client’s vision.”


Split Testing

No Luck or Gambling, Just Testing and Winning

One of the keys to successful SMS & email marketing is constantly testing different email elements to see what works to improve email campaigns and open rates. Your email list reacts more positively towards different parts of your email, like the subject line, call to action, images, and offers. Our SMS & email marketers team will test all aspects to deliver emails and texts your customers want to receive continuously.

SMS Marketing Campaigns

Stay in touch with your customers consistently

SMS campaigns and split testing go hand in hand to deliver successful text messages to potential customers and existing customers. Our team is experienced in all types of SMS marketing campaign strategies, including opt-in and promotional campaigns.