Video Production


Video Production


Our video production services are highly rated, personalized, and professional. We take care of everything from pre-production to post-production, ensuring your story is told with the highest quality possible. At Up Agency, we believe that video is one of the most influential mediums of brand leverage. Tell your story and stand out from the crowd with our video production services.

We’ll Film Your Ads

Idea Development

We're here to help you take your idea from concept to reality

When it comes to video production, we’ve got you covered. Idea or not, our team will move the cogs to get things done. Some of our video production services include video ads, music videos, interviews, and more! Our team is equipped to handle any type of video production. We’ll take your video idea and produce a polished, professional video.


Let’s Map Out The Plan For Your Video

Pre-production is the longest phase of the video production process, but it’s also the most important. It’s what makes or breaks your video. During this phase, we’ll determine what resources we’ll need for the video project and how long the production period will be. This means we’ll map out everything from script writing, casting, communicating & managing with the production team, finding the proper equipment, location scouting, and much more.
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“Creativity and marketing go hand-in-hand. That’s what we’re all about!”

“Creativity and marketing go hand-in-hand. That’s what we’re all about!”

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The production stage is where the magic happens

It’s shooting day! We have tons of experience in tackling any hurdles that may arise on production day, so we can take care of whatever comes up—and still get you the video content you need when it comes time to edit! We take care of make-up, props, wardrobe, scenes, and shooting.


Iron Out Those Wrinkles & Watch Your Project Come To Life

Post-production is where we take your best takes, shots, and clips from the video shoot and stitch them together to create a cohesive video. We cut down your video to meet your desired length and add any post-production touches you need. This could be adding a voiceover, coloring your video, or adding music and special effects. We also have experience making explainer videos, so this is where we can add graphics, animations, and animated text to bring your video to life!