Content Creation


Media creation for your online business is not something you want to dismiss or neglect. Even the most average product or service can be successful in a crowded market if they produce high-quality media. Our media team consists of experts that will handle everything from brainstorming to creating the storyboard, photography/videography, editing, and any final touches.

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The Creative Process

Media creation takes a lot of effort, but high-quality content can have a high return on investment. As your media creation professionals, we’ll take care of the video content creation process from start to finish. Our creative process consists of pre-production, production, and post-production. The process includes mapping out digital marketing strategies, brainstorming ideas, writing scripts, prop shopping, sourcing models/actors, shooting, editing, and more.

Always Matching Your Personality

With our multimedia team, you will find support for your creative vision. First we get to truly know you, and then film what your clients expect, while always maintaining the right tone.

Always Matching Your Personality

With our multimedia team, you will find support for your creative vision. First we get to truly know you, and then film what your clients expect, while always maintaining the right tone.

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This is the longest step in the media creation process because this is what will ensure the content is a success. During pre-production, we’ll define your business’s ideal avatar and determine the marketing goals behind the shoot. We’ll then determine what type of content we want to shoot and how this content will be used and repurposed to maximize its return on investment. Our team will also discuss props, scout locations, and source models during this step.

two men strategizing with sticky notes
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Media production days are very long tolling days that consist of setting up the lights and camera, directing clients, shooting content, and getting all the necessary angles & shots. We’ll direct the whole production to ensure everything is running on time and we get all the necessary content. Thus making all the planning comes to life vibrantly.

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Post-production stage is where all the ingredients of hard planning and shooting come together like magic. Our media team will edit and cut the video to put it together, resulting in movie-grade media content. They’ll also add the finishing touches like text, graphics, voiceovers, and more to make for a great piece of content that will take your business to the next level.

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No matter what product you sell, our media team is equipped and trained to take shots for any product. When online shopping, customers always want to see photos of the products they're thinking of buying. So you'll want detailed, high-quality product shots showing as much of the product as possible that will convince the consumer to take that leap and purchase your product.

Product demos take showing off a product to another level. Seeing the product being used is what consumers often need to take the final step and complete their order. We carefully plan product demos that will demonstrate the product material and benefits, which has proven to increase the likelihood of a consumer purchasing.

With the rise of social media platforms, UGC content has become a key content marketing strategy that helps influence engagement and increases conversion rates. It takes authenticity to the next level while establishing brand loyalty and is extremely influential in the final stages of the buyer's journey. Our team will source influencers, brainstorm & plan content ideas, and write scripts if necessary.

Unboxings are a popular type of UGC content because consumers get to discover products alongside the influencer and feel the rush of opening the product for the first time. These Unboxing videos are versatile and will excel on social media, Youtube ads, and more. Unboxing videos not only make a great first impression but also help retain customers and attract influencers as well.

Our media team has the experience to create high-quality, professional ad videos to impress your customers and establish rapport with them. We will plan everything from start to finish, including equipment, location, talent, and anything else that may be necessary to produce a movie-grade ad.