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PPC (pay per click) is a great way of generating leads by strategically placing ads online and only paying when someone clicks on them. Our PPC team are experts in Google and Bing ads and will take care of everything that goes into your PPC ads, from landing pages, search terms, display ads, banners, and more. We know that as a business owner, you want to focus on what matters most, growing your business. With our data driven PPC management services, we’ll take the pressure off by ensuring your ad campaigns are running smoothly, generating leads, and converting them into sales.

Take A Look At Our PPC Marketing Analytics

Take A Look At Our PPC Marketing Analytics

Cost per demo was decreased by

Over 80%

80% decrease in cost per lead

and over a 110% increase

in conversion rate from their campaigns

We helped a B2B client receive over


registered attendees for their event

Precise Audience Targeting

We use data driven analytics to reach your target audience

Unlike traditional advertising, through PPC platforms, we are able to curate a target audience from any combination of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd party data. This is a crucial part of our digital marketing strategy as we are now able to implement different targeting strategies like retargeting and prospecting to reach specific audiences. We are able to precisely choose who we show the ads to based on location, keywords, interests, age, gender, language, and even the type of device used.

Keyword Research For An Optimized Ad

Reach the right audience with the right keywords

Our team will conduct keyword research to ensure we are getting the ads in front of the right eyes. If you’re not careful with your keyword research, you could end up wasting a lot of money on ads that don’t reach the right people. That’s why we conduct thorough keyword research and competitor analysis before creating ads for you. We’ll be sure that we are using keywords that will target the right audience and also include negative keywords to ensure we aren’t wasting ad spend on people who won’t be interested.
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“Our focus on data and collaboration with our clients is key to driving better returns on investment.”

“Our focus on data and collaboration with our clients is key to driving better returns on investment.”

Luis Camacho

Audience Insights

Understand Your Client Better Though Data Insights

Whether we’ve done ad placements on the Google Display network or another ad network, we are able to gather feedback on how the audience engaged with the ads. We utilize these audience insights to drive your brand better and better target your ideal clients.

Content & PPC Advertising

Content & PPC go hand in hand

The content for your PPC ads is extremely important. You don’t want to drive traffic just for the sake of a sale. You want to bring in visitors who will stick around, engage with your content, and become a part of your community. Our team will ensure that the ads are taking visitors’ valuable content that answers their questions or what they were looking for. We’ll take care of the ad copy and landing page for your PPC ads. We’ll also handle blogs/articles, listicles, and more if needed! We also use PPC ads as a great way to test content and see what performs better in terms of engagement, conversion rates, and other metrics.